Rodney Kemerer is a lifelong automotive enthusiast. His writing has appeared in Garage Style Magazine, Hemmings Classic Car, Rolls-Royce Flying Lady, BMW Roundel, The Petersen Museum Finishline Magazine, Vintage Road and Racecar, Bentley Drivers Club Review, Old Cars Weekly and the Los Angeles Times. He still has all of this childhood model cars as well as (most) of his adulthood actual cars. Rodney lives in Beverly Hills, California.


odney Kemerer’s Tales from the Garage is far more than just a “car book.” As professional car enthusiasts Jay Leno and Wall Street Journal columnist Dan Neil have observed, Rodney’s warm and personal tales resonate deeply because everyone has a car story to tell, even if the car is just a springboard for a memory of a certain person or a certain place or even a certain feeling. These beautifully illustrated stories, originating as essays in a host of publications, are filled with familiar moments that give life to secret smiles, chronicling everything from finding just the right car for your wife (She wants a what? Really? What’s wrong with her?), to an ancient St. Christopher medal hiding at the back of a glove box, to a father’s deathbed pronouncement: “I should have bought Cadillacs.”

Author Rodney Kemerer understands that car stories can be the gateway to every aspect of our lives. This heartfelt book, half memoir, half the memories of others, is truly a pop culture snapshot of modern society told through the lens of the automobile. These tales might appear to be about cars, but they are also about an American life and the many objects that contain and reflect it. So pull up a chair and your favorite beverage as you meet a new friend who is happy to share his favorite Tales from the Garage.


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